Rachel Stein

Rachel Stein, an esteemed Insurance Defense Attorney at Cain & White, LLP, excels in representing insurers and insureds in complex litigation matters. With a profound understanding of insurance law and policy, Rachel adeptly navigates claims involving liability, property damage, and professional negligence.

Contact email: rachelstein@cainwhitelaw.com

Rachel Stein - Insurance Defense Attorney

Her strategic litigation tactics and negotiation skills have led to favorable outcomes in challenging cases. Rachel's ability to analyze intricate legal issues and her commitment to delivering effective defense strategies align with our firm's mission to provide exceptional legal representation and achieve optimal results for our clients.

At Cain & White, LLP, our attorneys are distinguished by their legal expertise, commitment to client service, and dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes. Sophia, Derek, and Rachel exemplify our firm's values, bringing specialized knowledge, strategic insight, and unwavering dedication to every case and client we serve.