Hickman Michael

Hickman Michael is a seasoned Assistant Attorney at Cain & White, LLP, bringing over two decades of comprehensive experience in transactional law to the firm. His recent role involved managing construction contracts for the city of Thornton, where he has been recognized for his exceptional leadership qualities and his ability to surpass client and company expectations.

Michael is adept at working under pressure, efficiently prioritizing concurrent projects, and excelling in communication. This has greatly benefited in building strong client relationships, resolving conflicts, and ensuring positive interactions with colleagues.

With a talent for evaluating, drafting, and negotiating complex contracts, Michael has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to Cain & White, LLP. His expertise is not limited to transactional matters; he also has a broad background in various legal areas, including handling discrimination complaints and managing legal compliance issues. Michael is committed to mentoring and developing high-performing teams, showcasing his dedication not only to the firm's success but also to the professional growth of its members.