D.A. Andrews - Senior Attorney at Cain & White, LLP

At Cain & White, LLP, we are proud to spotlight D.A. Andrews, a distinguished Senior Attorney who brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and dedication to our legal team. Specializing in corporate, construction, real estate, government, and utility matters, Andrews' comprehensive understanding of these domains has been instrumental in navigating complex legal landscapes for our clients.

D.A. Andrews

D.A. Andrews stands out for his in-depth experience in a broad array of sectors including corporate law, construction disputes, real estate transactions, government regulations, and utility law. This versatility allows Andrews to offer tailored advice and robust legal strategies that align with our clients' diverse needs.

Contact email: dandrews@cainwhitelaw.com

Multi-State Licensure

Licensed to practice in Colorado, Indiana, and Kentucky, Andrews' qualifications span across key jurisdictions, enabling him to serve a wide-ranging clientele effectively. This multi-state licensure not only exemplifies his extensive legal acumen but also underscores his commitment to being at the forefront of legal practice in various regions.

A Pillar of Cain & White, LLP

As a Senior Attorney, Andrews plays a crucial role in mentoring junior attorneys and shaping the firm’s strategic direction. His insights and leadership significantly contribute to our culture of excellence and our reputation as a leading law firm in Colorado Springs, CO.