Assistant Attorney Hiwot Covell at Cain & White, LLP

Cain & White, LLP is proud to showcase Assistant Attorney Hiwot Covell, a key member of our team based in Colorado Springs, CO. With expertise in Administrative Law, Civil Litigation, and Intellectual Property, Hiwot serves both at the Attorney General's Office and as a faculty member at the University of Colorado. Her dual roles allow her to make significant contributions to our firm, the legal community, and the education of future lawyers.

Hiwot Covell

Hiwot Covell is recognized for her deep understanding of Administrative Law, Civil Litigation, and Intellectual Property. Her work at the Attorney General's Office involves advocating for consumer rights, environmental protection, and public welfare. Concurrently, she educates future legal professionals at the University of Colorado, focusing on her areas of expertise.

Impact at Cain & White, LLP

At Cain & White, LLP, Hiwot's diverse experience and dedication to legal excellence enhance our ability to provide exceptional legal representation. She embodies our values of integrity, excellence, and client success. We are honored to have Hiwot Covell on our team and look forward to her continued contributions to the legal field.