Aurora Nightingale: Attorney at Cain & White, LLP

Aurora Nightingale is a rising star in the field of intellectual property law at Cain & White, LLP. With a background in technology and a passion for innovation, Aurora brings a fresh perspective to her legal practice.

A graduate of the University of Colorado Law School, Aurora distinguished herself as a top student with a knack for problem-solving and a keen eye for detail. Her blend of legal expertise and technical acumen makes her a formidable advocate for her clients' intellectual property rights.

Aurora Nightingale

At Cain & White, LLP, Aurora focuses on protecting and enforcing patents, trademarks, and copyrights for a diverse range of clients. Whether she's drafting patent applications or litigating complex infringement cases, Aurora approaches each matter with creativity and determination.

Outside of her legal work, Aurora enjoys hiking in the Colorado wilderness and exploring the intersection of art and technology. As a valued member of Cain & White, LLP, Aurora is dedicated to delivering innovative legal solutions and ensuring that her clients' creative endeavors are safeguarded for years to come.

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